Monday, June 25, 2007

Why the iPhone will not Change the World

There has been so much buzz about the release of the iPhone on June 29th, that it is sure to be an instant success. However, I think it will be a let down for customers who are looking for a device that will enhance their mobile web surfing experience. The phone looks slick and of course the built in iPod is always a winner.

The televisions commercials look great! The web pages look just like web pages on my PC, as opposed to a "mobile" formatted page. Unfortunately, the problem will be the wireless network. I recently purchase AT&T/Cingular's 3G wireless card for my notebook. Certainly at time the connection speed was very fast. However, most of the time I received zero connection speed. It was so terrible that I returned the card after one week of usage.

AT&T/Cingular is the exclusive service provider for the iPhone. As you are aware the iPhone utilizes the EDGE networks which is orders of magnitude slower that 3G's 2.4 Mbps. I can only imagine what it will be like to surf the web let alone download large itunes files over this wireless network. Steve Job's , Apple's CEO would probably respond to this potential bottleneck by stating that the device also has WiFi functionality. The problem with WiFi is it isn't everywhere. At least it isn't everywhere in the US. My prediction is the most reliable way to download songs on the iPhone will be the same way it is down on the iPod, through your PC.

I hope I'm wrong, but those of us who are eager for a mobile internet device that will provide an experience similar to a PC will have to wait a little while longer.